Pomegranates are composed of hundreds of arils, which are juicy casings around the seeds. Arils range in color from white to deep red or purple. The sweet and tart flavors are what make pomegranate arils so unique and delicious. Our dried pomegranate arils are shelf stable and contain no sulfites, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. Looking very similar to its fresh version, the dried arils have terrific piece identity. The superior flavor of our dried arils and pomegranate products will compliment your current products or future innovations. 

Pomegranate powder is impactful in both sweet and savory applications. The natural pink color of the powder can also help to contribute naturally derived color to pink or red base to food items. Our freeze-dried pomegranate powder retains an intense flavor and nutritional value of the original raw material. The drum-dried pomegranate powder ingredients reconstitute well, retaining much of the original flavor, color and nutritional value of the raw ingredient.

Baked Goods
Cookies & Biscuits
Ice Cream & Yogurt
Pet Food
Sauces & Marinades
Snack Bars
Trail Mixes