Brian Klein founded Purely Pomegranate in 2007, after over 20 years of experience in the fruit ingredient business. Driven by the constantly growing demand for healthy food options and continuing with the tradition of supplying all natural high quality products, Purely Pomegranate created and brought to market an item that was previously unavailable – Infused Dried Pomegranate Arils.

Purely Pomegranate has become a leader in the development and supply of premium pomegranate products. The focus on innovative, good-for-you, minimally processed fruit has spawned a variety of new ways to deliver the delicious, health-bolstering properties of the pomegranate. Our experienced team shares a passion for creating value added products that deliver more than just superior flavor. We deliver on the promise of 100% all natural products using the highest quality ingredients to satisfy the needs of consumers in search of foods that nourish themselves and their families.

Our dried pomegranate arils, the vibrant fruity kernels inside pomegranates, maintain the natural sweet and tart flavor of the fresh fruit without the hassle and mess. Purely Pomegranate has a full staff of helpful professionals, we store our products year round in warehouses throughout the US, which makes sourcing your dried arils very convenient.

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